From the left: Takeda Sokaku, Takeda Tokimune, Kondo Katsuyuki and Kondo Masayuki

Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu is an ancient japanese martial art with a prestigious tradition remained for generations an exclusive prerogative of the noblest warrior castes (bushi).


The art dates back to the 12th Century a.d. and it was transmitted for hundreds of years within the Aizu-Takeda clan. Disclosed to the public only since the late 19th century by Takeda Sokaku (1859-1943), it was later inherited by his son, Takeda Tokimune (1915-1993), who has transmitted the complete teaching (Menkyo Kaiden) to Kondo Katsuyuki (Somucho), the current Headmaster together with his younger brother Kondo Masayuki (Hombucho).


The knowledge of this Ko-ryu (traditional martial art) allows, through a faithful approach to the original style, to learn control and neutralization movements, levers, throwings, hitting techniques, strikings and pressures on weak points of the body.


Conceived from the beginning as a defense system against armed or bare handed attacks, Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu is effective regardless of the age, strength, weight or height of those who perform or undergo the techniques, as to be also suitable to those who are less robust and to women.

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